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6. Peekaboo !!TOP!!

The story follows a child playing peekaboo throughout the day. In the kitchen, in the toy room, outside in the garden, covered in bubbles, and snuggled up in bed. It's a playful, interactive story that's perfect for reading aloud everyday.

6. Peekaboo


My little boy LOVES peekaboo! I like that his face is covered wondering who is there on one page, and then turn the next page it says peekaboo, and has something interactive, like pat the belly. Good at teaching interaction with kids.

We had our wonderful writing team of David Cadji-Newby (Lost My Name) and Julia Gray (The Wondrous Road Ahead) working their magic on this book. We think you'll agree the story is simply splendid, and perfect for reading aloud with little ones. The gorgeous illustrations are by Lauren Tobia, an award-winning children's illustrator, who has perfectly captured the fun of playing peekaboo with baby.

GIve your child a head start by developing important skills at an early age. This soft bunny has interactive buttons for a light up tummy, peekaboo ears, and songs and phrases to help develop senses and thinking skills.

Traditionally given as Easter gifts, panorama or peekaboo sugar eggs are impressive and inexpensive to make. The primary building material is sugar and most of the specialized equipment can be swapped out for basic home tools. Time is what you'll invest the most in this project -- both for creating the eggs and for drying between steps.

Infants' responsiveness to others' affective expressions was investigated in the context of a peekaboo game. Forty 4-month-olds participated in a peekaboo game in which the typical happy/surprised expression was systematically replaced with a different emotion, depending on group assignment. Infants viewed three typical peekaboo trials followed by a change (anger, fear, or sadness) or no-change (happiness/surprise) trial, repeated over two blocks. Infants' looking time and affective responsiveness were measured. Results revealed differential patterns of visual attention and affective responsiveness to each emotion. These results underscore the importance of contextual information for facilitating recognition of emotion expressions as well as the efficacy of using converging measures to assess such understanding. Infants as young as 4 months appear to discriminate and respond in meaningful ways to others' emotion expressions.

When you're a baby, playing is work! Games like peekaboo not only make your baby laugh, but help the baby learn about the world and its senses. By playing, babies gain self-awareness and critical social skills. The more you play, the more your baby will learn and grow! 041b061a72


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