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there are two versions of echoes. one version is the standard, plus-one-minute version, and the other is the standard full-length. the first half of echoes is a collection of miscellaneous sketches: one of them is a painfully fragmented croak, and another is a blurry, twisted beat with a screaming vocal, at times sounding like a sick, distorted vocal. if you're not familiar with hrvatski's work, there isn't much here to recommend it. but if you love a good, head-down-into-the-dirt beat, and you dig the stuff that hrvatski's previous albums have done (especially the first one), then echoes will have a lot to offer. this is the way the real hrvatski should sound-- mixing the crazy and the considered, and keeping the more complicated sounds in the back-end of the beat. it's a loud, ear-splitting set, and hrvatski's best work yet.

Vag Com 10.6 Hrvatski 29

like oiseaux, echoes is a synth-heavy record, and like oiseaux, hrvatski taps into the emotion and spirituality of american synth-pop, but they also mix in beats that feel old-fashioned and retro, including some that sound like they were compiled on a 1960s analog synth. while echoes sounds like a template for a lot of the stuff that's supposed to sound old-school and cool, it's also the most hrvatski's most uneven album to date. there are a lot of pieces that feel thrown together, with a lot of filler. the one song that successfully utilizes hrvatski's synthy drum programming and floating melodies is the title track, with the way it builds and resolves. it's also the song that sounds the most like a mashup, having the best use of ewc4, where the vocals and piano are warped into a lo-fi, warping of the beat.


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