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Graphic Audio Brandon Sanderson Mistborn 7 - Th... \/\/FREE\\\\

Graphic Audio isn't quite like your traditional Audiobook, it 's more like an audio drama. It's the unabridged book, but narrated by a full cast with background music. From what little of the graphic audios I've listened to, they seem to be very high quality.

Graphic Audio Brandon Sanderson Mistborn 7 - Th...


For what it's worth, right now in December they have a special discount on graphic audio for the set of all the audio drama parts for the first 6 Mistborn books, the Secret History Novella, the Allomancer Jak short story, and the Eleventh Metal short story as well. Here is the link but as if this writing the whole set minus the recently released Lost Metal adaptation costs less than 165 bucks in total: -series-set.html 041b061a72


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