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The Best Tools and Tricks for Downloading Instagram Live Videos

People love to go live on Instagram to share their lives and thoughts. While these live videos can only be saved by the broadcaster, it is possible to download Instagram Live videos from others. This article will introduce three solutions to help you download Instagram live videos. Just install the required tool here to get started:

instagram download live stream

Disclaimer: The methods mentioned in this article to download Instagram live videos are for personal fair use only. WonderFox does not advocate any copyright infringement behavior, please ensure your action is legal in you country.

Note: You can save your live broadcast directly to your phone's camera roll. Once you end your live stream, you will see a Download Video option. Tap on it and you can download the Instagram live video to your phone.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a feature-rich program that allows you to download and record live streaming videos from Instagram/YouTube/Facebook and other sites at the highest quality. With this top-notch software, you are free to archive any live video you like from now on. Download it free and have a try!

Also, recording streaming video is a serious thing and a powerful streaming video recorder is a must. Here I would like to recommend a versatile software - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro that can do the recording without any hassle. Below is the detailed tutorial of how to save Instagram live video with this screen recorder.

If you're lucky to find the live-streamed video be shared in the stories, you can use a third-party downloader to download video through URL. Here I'm going to use the marvelous WonderFox HD Video Converter Pro, the practical recorder mentioned in method 1, to show you how to download Instagram live video in stories.

Like downloading live videos from Facebook and YouTube, many people want to download live videos from Instagram, a popular social networking platform that allows users to share photos and videos. However, Instagram doesn't offer any official way to download live videos, so can you download Instagram live videos?

Instagram allows you to save your live videos after your live broadcast. The live video you download won't include the comments, upvotes, and audience information. If you want to download someone else's live video, keep reading our instructions the get the methods.

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If you want to download someone else's Instagram live videos, a nice option is to use this fast video downloader - EaseUS Video Downloader. With a fast download speed, EaseUS Video Downloader allows you to download any video in minutes.

Not only that, EaseUS Video Downloader is one of the very few tools in the market that supports saving videos that are either streaming or previously uploaded. That means you can download a live video while watching it.

Step 4. Then, the live video will be downloaded to your computer. If you want to download them to your smartphone, you can connect your device to the computer via a USB and then transfer them to your phone.

EaseUS RecExperts allows you to record screen, audio, and webcam separately or simultaneously. More importantly, it comes with some video and audio editing tools that allow you to beautify your video. If you want to know how it works to record screen, download it and follow its tutorial to record Instagram live videos.

If you want to download Instagram live video on your Android or iPhone, you can directly use some built-in recording features to get the job done. However, this will record all icons and movements on your screen. If you think that is OK, follow these steps to record your Instagram live videos.

Those are all tips on how to download Instagram live videos. As you can see, it's easy to download your or someone else's live video. If you have any questions about our guide, don't hesitate to contact us.

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms around, with 500 million daily active users and loads of features that let you share images, videos, and live videos with your followers. One limitation of Instagram, however, is only being able to go live from the smartphone app. Yellow Duck solves this problem by letting you sync your Instagram account to any streaming service that supports RTMP.

Instagram is one of the best and easiest places for brands to build a following on social media. The platform makes it simple to interact with followers by letting you take advantage of hashtags and utilize all the content features Instagram has to offer. When you use Yellow Duck, you can plan and launch more professional-looking live streams too.

The biggest benefit to live streaming on Instagram with Yellow Duck is being able to broadcast on Instagram Live from a PC. Going live from streaming software gives you a lot more customization options than streaming to Instagram from mobile.

Well, after the end of Instagram Livestream, the video stays on the Instagram Story for 24 hours. So, you need to search for options to download Instagram stories instead of Instagram Live videos.

With live-streaming having something of a renaissance in 2020, as people look to replace their lost social interactions as best they can, Instagram has today announced two new options to help users maximize their IG Live streams.

Users have long been able to download their IG Live broadcasts after the end of a stream, but when you download the content, you only get the raw video, without comments, Likes and other platform-specific detail.

As noted, live-streaming has seen a resurgence in 2020, which has included the rise of Zoom and branched out to other real-time connection options as a means to stay in touch during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Facebook, for example, has reported a 70% increase in Messenger group video calls, and more than double the regular demand for video calls in WhatsApp.

Instagram, too, has seen similar, which is what prompted it to fast-track the roll-out of its co-watching feature back in March, in order to meet demand for video hangouts. And now, IG Live is being expanded - which will provide a whole new consideration for your live-streams, and another means to stay in touch.

DownloadGram is a web-based tool with a minimalist and highly streamlined interface. It comprises a link text box where you can paste the video source you want to download. The almost empty landing page leaves no room for confusion or missteps. If you need to download a live video, an IGTV video, or any other content, DownloadGram is one of the more elegant solutions.

The app is simple to use, requiring you to copy the video URL and paste it into the corresponding text box. The program will then analyze the URL and redirect you to a new page to give you a sneak peek of the content. And all you have to do to get the download started is click the button. Regrammer lets you store and repost an endless amount of Instagram videos, from IGTV to live videos.

Live streams are huge on social media, making things more up-close and personal than ever before. Instagram's live video feature, for instance, enables users to interact directly with creators, allowing viewers to comment and send their likes throughout the duration of the live stream. But can you save someone else's Instagram live video? If, say, Kylie Jenner or Chrissy Teigen throws your handle a shoutout, you'll definitely want to archive the moment forever for, you know, posterity and stuff.

Seeing that users are already limited in what Instagram will and won't allow to be saved for their own videos, you've probably already guessed that saving someone else's Instagram live video is off the table. Currently, you're not even allowed to save someone else's already-published Instagram Story, aside from grabbing screenshots. Thus, for the time being, it seems like live videos can only officially be saved by the streamers themselves.

If you're absolutely hellbent on saving someone else's Instagram live video, there's, um, a "workaround" at your disposal. First, if you have an iPhone, you can use the "screen recording" feature to record your favorite celebrity's live stream. To do so, you just need to go to your phone's control center and tap on the record icon (one dot inside a circle). It'll then give you a 3-2-1 countdown until it begins recording what's on your screen.

Does anyone know why when I broadcast on IG live the little icon to download the broadcast is not there? It is there if I just broadcast for a few seconds, then hit end. But when I do a full broadcast I only get the DELETE or SHARE options. There is no icon at the top left to download the broadcast...

OneStream is a cloud-based service to schedule & live stream pre-recorded videos as well as real-time streaming to 40+ social media platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or any Custom RTMP Streaming Destination.

Want to go live on instagram from laptop or a professional camera? Or, maybe you're thinking of branding your Instagram Live with a logo, text, or overlays? Or, perhaps, you're not ready to go live, and you have a previously recorded video that you want to push to your Instagram live feed? If any of these requests match your goals, this Insta tutorial is for you .

Remember, live videos on Instagram help to grow your brand's awareness. An Instagram study also shows that live streams generate double the engagement compared to simple videos or reels. It's because live videos seem more authentic than pre-made content. Though there are situations when you're not ready to expose yourself to a large audience through a live stream, and in this case, streaming a prerecorded video as live is a great solution. You can record a video, make some edits to look the video more professional, and push it to your Instagram feed as live. Your audience will not know that the stream is pre-recorded, as it will be displayed as it's really live.

5. Click Start Broadcast button in the YellowDuck app and press GO LIVE button on on the LiveReacting Studio. Now your stream is live. When you want to end the stream, you'll have to click END Stream button.


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