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What Should I Buy My Husband For His Birthday

Encourage your husband to let go of that over-stuffed wallet he's carting around in favor of Bellroy's sleeker and slimmer design, with easy-to-access compartments and RFID-blocking tech to keep his possessions and personal info safe.

what should i buy my husband for his birthday

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With this clever birthday gift, they can charge their iPhone and AirPods while storing glasses, keys, and wallet all in one (very sleek, might I add) spot. You won't mind having this charging dock, which is covered in Italian pebble-grain leather, on display.

He may not be sold on couple's massages, but you know that he'll join you on the couch for a night of R&R. During your next Netflix binge, he can drape this electric massager over his shoulders to work out any kinks and knots from the comfort of your own living room.

Book something local or just a couple of hours away from home for your husband and his buddies to blow off some steam. Better yet, get him an Airbnb gift certificate so he can choose the destination himself.

Regardless of whether his style veers more toward sneakers or Chelsea boots, he'll appreciate having all the tools he needs to keep his most beloved footwear in top shape. This is one of the best brithday gifts for your husband that will keep him looking sharp.

For his birthday this year, go for a wireless speaker he can geek out over. He can hook it up to your TV for better sound quality when watching movies or playing video games, or simply play his favorite music straight from his phone while you're hanging out on the couch.

Because he always forgets his keys. (OK, this birthday gift might be more for you than him, but still, it's a little something that will probably make him smile, especially if there's a good chance he'll use it.)

If your husband is always saying he wishes he could read more, make it easy for him by getting him a subscription to Book of The Month. Each month, he'll select from five choices and get a book in the mail. Even if he's pressed for time during most of the year, thanks to this amazing birthday present, he'll have a stack of titles ready and waiting for your next vacation. It's one of the best birthday gifts for your husband that will also make him feel so smart!

Posting in Reddit's "Am I The A**hole" (AITA) forum under the username u/OakLawn17, the woman asked: "AITA for using my husband's birthday gift money to buy my daughter a bike [because] her stepsister refused to share her bike?"

Biological favoritism is the tendency for a parent to show "more leniency" toward their biological children than they do toward their stepchildren, said Baton Rogue Parents Magazine. It can also be the habit of spending more money on their own children on birthdays and special occasions or showering them with more gifts.

"[My husband] yelled saying I shouldn't have touched his gift money...He even went as far as to say that I stole the watch money and threatened to exclude me from his birthday," u/OakLawn17 concluded.

"NTA [not the a**hole]. How the tables have turned lol. Well done you didn't steal anything this was your hard-earned money, not his. I'm glad you stood up for your daughter. Honestly, you should reconsider your relationship with your partner. He seemed a bit too happy punishing your daughter and playing favorites," u/aloetsuki said.

"Your husband is an AH [a**hole]! I hope your daughter enjoys the bike though! Sounds like she deserves it more than your selfish bratty husband deserves that watch. Honestly don't know why the girls couldn't have shared the bike in the first place, he literally played favorites right in front of you and your daughter," u/6tl6ntis6 added.

So, what's a person to do when their husband's birthday rolls around? Instead of getting him yet another gift certificate that will go unused, pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and check out this list of great gifts for your husband. Whether your husband is a sports fanatic or a haute homme, our list of the best birthday gifts is sure to have something he'll love.

Let's face it: Your husband isn't going to go out and buy himself a new wallet, even if his current billfold is literally falling apart at the seams. Use your husband's birthday as an opportunity to finally replace his washed-up wallet with this sleek piece from Montblanc, made of full-grain cowhide and featuring six card slots perfect for housing not only his credit cards, but all that miscellany he seems to be incapable of parting with.

For those men who start every morning with a strong cup of coffee, the Nespresso milk frother is practically heaven sent. With this kitchen gadget, your husband will be able to whip up everything from cold froth to hot milk, creating his signature coffee drink right at home in no time.

For the husband who spends as much time at the airport as he does at home, nothing beats a reliable duffle bag. Fortunately, Brooks Brothers' soft pebble leather and twill-lined tote is all that, and more: it's just as stylish as it is sturdy.

This craft beer growler is the perfect birthday gift for any man who loves artisanal alcohols. Should your husband decide he wants to take some of his favorite craft brew home from the brewery, he can use this pressurized growler to keep that beer cold, fresh, and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks.

There's no need to be gentle when it comes to this weekender tote from Everlane. Thanks to its water-resistant and durable twill fabric, this bag can handle whatever your husband throws its way, making it the perfect bag for overhead airplane bins and dirty gym clothes alike.

When your husband is at the gym, he shouldn't have to stop mid-workout to untangle his headphones or put his earbuds back into place. That's where the Bose SoundSport headphones come in. These wireless buds are designed specially to fit snugly in every ear, and they'll stay put no matter how strenuous the workout.

Though he probably already thinks he plays like a PGA Tour professional, it's safe to assume that there's quite a bit of room for improvement when it comes to your husband's golf game. Of course, practice is the only surefire way to achieve perfection, but this TaylorMade putter designed with added stability and aim certainly doesn't hurt, either. (Pro tip: If he's over 5' 11", remember to buy the 35-inch putter, not the 34-inch.)

Give your husband the gift of grilling in the 21st century with a wireless meat thermometer. This hassle-free device can detect the temperatures of food from up to 300 feet away, so you can both say goodbye to standing over that steak like a helicopter parent.

Between the heated seat and the built-in LED light, this technological toilet seat is a gift that any man will appreciate. In fact, don't be surprised if, when you install this toilet seat, you find that your husband suddenly thinks it's the best seat in the house.

Lined with flannel for cozy weekend lounging, yet sleek enough to dress up for a trip outside, these TOMS chukka boots are the perfect gift for any husband who refuses to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Stream Spotify and listen to your favorite podcast on this smart speaker from SONOS. It's equipped with the latest Amazon Alexa technology, so all your husband has to do is tell his speaker what he wants to hear and his wish will subsequently be granted.

In between NBA seasons, your husband will still have something sports-related to occupy his time with in this custom basketball book, filled with clips of some of the New York Times' best sports coverage from over the years.

Maybe your husband refuses to wear those matching Christmas sweaters you bought a few holidays back, but how can he say no to wearing matching underwear? The only people ever seeing these undergarments will be the two of you (hopefully), so they make for a great inside joke that will crack you both up time and time again.

before I start, keep in mind that we aren't doing good financially. So my husband bought his 13 yo daughter a bike. it was about 200 dollars. My 11yo daughter secretly liked it and asked if she could get a few rounds with it. My stepdaughter said NOOO,, which was understandable seeing how obssessed she was with it the first couple of weeks. My daughter asked again but was told no even though we tried to compromise on time.

fastforward a week later. Stepdaughter no longer rides the bike as often and most of the time it just lays in the garage. The other day my daughter called me crying. I freaked out and had to go home because I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. I got home and found my daughter on the porch crying (my husband was inside watching tv). I asked her what happened and she told me she had asked her stepsister to let her play with the bike but she refused, and when my daughter pointed out how the bike was just lying in the garage with no use, her stepsister shouted at her saying she'd rather throw the bike in the ocean and let it rust than let her ride it. My daughter started crying which made my husband call her entitled brat and punish her for presisting. I was fuming!!! I confronted him and he casually said "my daughter should not feel like she has to share what she has with's her bike and if (my daughter's name) want a bike so bad and you think she desrves it, then you can go ahead and get her one!". I said "damn right I can and I will". I took the money I saved up to buy him a gift ( a watch) for his upcoming birthday and bought a new bike for my daughter and let her pick the color. NGL, after seeing her sad for weeks I felt happy for her.

My husband and stepdaughter just watched, but when my husband asked where I got the money, and knew it was his birthday gift money he flipped his shit. He yelled saying I shouldn't have touched his gift money and said that I PROMISED HIM and he already told his friends about the watch. I told him about how he let his daughter treat mine and encouraged the attitude she had about the bike. He got more upset saying I was punishing his daughter through him and that by my own "omission" he'd done nothing wrong other than get his daughter a bike. I said I no longer wanted to argue but he never stopped berating me. even went as far as to say that I stole the watch money and threatened to exclude me from his birthday. 041b061a72


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