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EOBD Facile - Car Diagnostic _BEST_

Go to our online shop and order the full version of the EOBD-Facile software. Note: If you have bought a klavkarr scanner in the store, you will automatically be entitled to the full version.

EOBD Facile - Car Diagnostic

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  • PLease find below the help files for the App and Software EOBD Facile : Windows : Help File

  • MacBook : Help File

  • Android : Help File

  • iPhone / iPad : Help File

Features of the OBD2 Software EOBD-Facile Trial version(free) Basic Edition(paying) Plus Edition(paying) Compatibility Diesel, gasoline, GPL and Hybrid engine Connecting to ELM327 interfaces (USB, Bluetooth and WiFi) Connecting to Engine computer (ECM), Diesel (2004), Gasoline(2001)) Connecting to Transmission computer (TCM) Connecting to GPL (since 2007) Fault codes diagnostic Reading of OBD2 fault codes (Mode 3) Reading of unconfirmed OBD fault codes (Mode 7) Decoding of OBD fault codes into text (English)More than 11 000 definitions (P0xxx, P1xxx, B0xxx, C0xxx and U0xxx) Clearing of OBD fault codes and malfunction indicator light (Mode 4) Instantaneous data reading (Mode 2) Reading of permanent OBD fault codes (Mode 10) Saving and reading of OBD fault codes Printing of customised reports Recording of customised reports Check the consistency of vehicle sensor's values Monitoring Reading of sensors (Mode 1) Continuous recording to sensor values (in a .csv file)for export in a spreadsheet Test of oxygen's sensors (Mode 5) Test of the systems (EGR, Catalyst) (Mode 6) Graphs Continuous reading of sensor values (Mode 1)In the form of a graph (1 curve) (4 curves) (6 curves) Review recordings in graph form Smart recording triggers Performance measurement (0-100 km/h) Calculation/conversion on registered sensors Extra Location of OBD2 socket in vehicles Virtual dashboard Terminal for advanced commands CAN bus spy Vehicle info (Mode 9) Commercial use VIN decoder Standards EOBD (Europe), OBD2 (USA), JOBD (Japan) ISO 15765-4 (CAN 11it/29bit 250/500 kb) ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000 slow et fast init) ISO 9141-2 J1850 VPW J1850 PWM Comments

  • To use the application, you will need: A Bluetooth or a WiFi connection

  • Version iOS 9.0 or greater (from the iPhone 4S and the iPad)

  • A klavkarr scanner with Bluetooth or an ELM327 WiFi

Below is a video presenting the EOBD Facile car diagnostic application for iOS

With our klavkarr scanner and EOBD-Facile software and mobile applications, we hope that you will be able to repair your electronic faults yourself without the need for your dealer's "diagnostic pack".

Our automotive diagnostic scanner is multi-brand. So, you can make a diagnosis of breakdowns of all car brands with it (Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, BMW, Skoda, Seat, Land Rover, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo etc.). All light vehicles have been compatible since 2001 for petrol engines and 2004 for diesel engines.

EOBD-Facile Basic and Plus Edition is an electronic automobile diagnostic software that works with ELM327 interfaces. It is available in several languages (French, English, German, Danish, Spanish, etc.) .

Through the OBD plug on your vehicle, EOBD-Facile allows you to access diagnostic data such as recorded fault codes. The full version also enables you to cancel faults and switch off the indicator on the dashboard.

The difference between a good and a bad OBD2 diagnostic app can be drastic. There are quite a lot of these apps out there and getting stuck with an ineffective one can be very frustrating. The best OBD2 app will integrate seamlessly with an OBD2 diagnostic tool, allowing the user to read common trouble codes and even monitor live data.

The Infocar app is loaded with useful features and is available for both iOS and Android. This app has everything you'd expect from an OBD2 diagnostic tool, but it also has a few neat surprises like a built-in parked car finder tool.

The app is easy to use and clearly labeled, and it allows you to access live data from your vehicle as well as charts with diagnostic data. The menu to access and clear any trouble codes is very intuitive and easy to access.

The professional version allows you to access the vehicle's oxygen sensor monitors and the on-board diagnostic monitors. Although the paid versions unlock many features, the free version is also adequate for the non-professional looking to dig deeper into what's ailing their vehicle.

It wasn't long ago that diagnostic tools were mythical gadgets that only experienced mechanics possessed, but now anyone with a smartphone and an OBD2 adapter can easily find out what's wrong with their vehicle.

In terms of connectivity, while both offer smartphone connectivity, and support Apple as well as Android devices, OBD Facile edges out Carly as it offers connectivity to a laptop computer via microUSB as well. This can be useful for lengthy diagnostic sessions, particularly when performing tuning, as the larger screen of a laptop can display much more data at a time than a smartphone.

The OBD Auto Doctor operates almost in a similar fashion as most car diagnostic apps that we will cover next. It is compatible with ELM327 Bluetooth and Wifi adapters and tracks all crucial vehicle sensors and parameters in real-time.

InCarDoc Pro was among the best obd2 android app for cars review in 2017/2018 and will likely be among the leading obd2 apps in 2019. The application supports high-level car scanning and diagnostic which is presented in an uncluttered home screen.

The Engine Link car diagnostic app is similar to Torque Pro but is only available for iOS devices. The app connects seamlessly with compatible ELM327 Wifi and Bluetooth adapters though there are user complaints in recent time that the Wifi connects feature is failing.

If you want to go far and need a high-performance car diagnostic device that keeps you in charge, then you can get GoFAR. The machine practically monitors car health and tracks mileage while maintaining compatibility with most OBD2 compliant car adapters.

FIXD is like any other car diagnostic app out there but offers a lot more simplicity without compromising on quality. Fault codes covered on the FIXD app are translated into very easy to read, and understandable terms that will make it possible to take action immediately something goes wrong with your car.

Developed by OCTech, the OBD Fusion app along with a compatible OBD2 vehicle scanner gives you a complete diagnostic report of your vehicle. It is considered to be one of the more popular apps for vehicle diagnostics.

Il vous permettra ainsi de dialoguer avec votre véhicule dans le but de faire du diagnostic de panne et d'éteindre votre voyant moteur au tableau de bord. Vous pourrez ainsi réparer facilement et à moindre coût votre voiture.

Seul du diagnostic peut être effectué, en aucun cas de la reprogrammation d'ECU. Malheureusement la norme EOBD n'inclut pas les calculateurs d'airbag, d'ABS ou d'ESP. Je répète en rouge PAS DE DIAGNOSTIC D'ABS, D'AIRBAG OU D'ESP possible. Dans ces cas-là, seule une valise diagnostic constructeur est capable de retourner un diagnostic.

OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics)- OBDLink (OBD car diagnostics) app lets you check the status of your car to clear all the codes and can share the report with your mechanic to get suggestions from them about how to solve each problem.

Do you want to see how your car is doing in real-time? Try the Car Scanner ELM OBD2 scanner for iPhone. It is a beautifully designed car problem diagnosis app that checks errors and reads the most vital data of the engine. Therefore, it is one of the top-listed car diagnostic apps for iPhone.

OBD Fusion app, with a compatible OBD2 car scanner, gives you a total package of a diagnostic report of your vehicle. This app is more popular considering its user-friendliness for both newbies and professionals as well.

BlueDriver is a top-selling OBD2 car diagnostic app and a popular choice among drivers, with millions of downloads. It is because of its ability to read various OBD2 codes, including ABS, airbag, transmission, etc.

read and reset error codes easilyCheck diagnostic trouble codesRead freeze frame dataDisplay real-time dataCustomize dashboards if neededFuel economy calculationMultiple trip metersFree of advertisements

OBD Auto Doctor can be the best OBD2 scanner app for iPhone if you have a scanner to plug into your OBD2 port. It has been developed for several compatible ELM 327 scan tools. In a word, OBD Auto Doctor is one of the leading OBD2 car diagnostics tools and a complete car performance monitor in your pocket.

EOBD Facile is among the best car diagnostic apps for iPhone. It is the ultimate OBD2 Bluetooth car scanner with English descriptions and visualizations. You can also measure your performance following speed data using this app. So, get the best real-time display from the ODB car scanner tool with an ELM327 adapter.

FIXD OBD2 Scanner is developed on a mission to help drivers better understand their cars and take better care. It can translate your car problems into a simple realizable solution. In addition, FIXD also reminds you when your vehicle needs maintenance to help extend the life of your car. Hence, it is one of the feasible car diagnostic apps for iPhone.

Engine diagnostics with an English language checkClears the check engine lightEnables issue-severity warningsAutomatic maintenance alertsLive data displayMultiple vehicle monitoringWireless/Bluetooth connection

DashCommand puts you in control of converting your iPhone into a customizable display and monitoring system. For example, you can monitor log engine and vehicle performance, including fuel economy, with maximum convenience. In fact, all the high-performing features will introduce you to one of the best engine diagnostic apps for iPhone in your pocket. 041b061a72


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