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The End Of Time 2012 Peter Mettler Torrent ##BEST##

Sequencing bisulfite amplicons from the 35S-eGFP+hp time course on the Ion Torrent PGM showed an increase in methylation over time (Figure 3A). However, at earlier time points of 2 and 3 dpi a large proportion of reads were truncated (Supplementary Table S3), most likely due to the read terminating when it approached a homopolymer track (Quail et al., 2012). This was confirmed when the fragmented reads were assembled against the reference. In the assembly, many of these reads terminated at homopolymer regions now created by bisulfite conversion of unmethylated DNA. This was especially noticeable at the region of the TATA box (data not presented). Similarly, termination of reads has been observed by Quail et al. (2012) when sequencing a highly AT-rich genome using the Ion Torrent platform.

The end of time 2012 peter mettler torrent


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